Townie Help


I have a question about townies. How can I get my own townies in my game? I remember a tree which I can use with boolProp testingCheats... code, it can turn sims into townies I think, but I guess there is an easier way. Something with SimPE? Maybe someone has a link for a good tutorial?


...A Few More Coats...

Here are some simple recolours of this Nightlife-Coat.


There are 11 colours and they are categorized only as Outerwear, so both Nightlife and Seasons are required. I´ve added striped tights because these were supposed to be Outerwear and I don´t really like Outerwear with naked legs :P

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Some College Pictures

I have many old pictures on my computer and I thought since I have them I could post them. :P Everything else wouldn´t make sense.
So expect lots of pictures the next days; don´t worry it´s not sooo much ;)


These are a few pics from college in one of my girls-households. It could be a bit boring because they are most interested in the game console...

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Dotted Raincoats

I love the dotted raincoat which was this bonus object for Seasons EP. So I thought I could do some recolours of it. I haven´t really had an idea which colours I want and so on, so I just played a bit around in my graphic programme...

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Rose Retexture + Massive Photoshoot (Includes Hula Dancing Vampires)

Some days ago I decided to retexture Rose Donation Hair #41, I´ve always liked it. Because it is a bit curly I have drawn the textures by hand. It´s the first time I did so and the textures are far away from perfect but in my game they look quite nice tough.
So I thought I could upload them, maybe someone will have them use for the hair.

I was in the mood to do a photoshoot and maybe I carried away a little bit. On my old computer I started a kind of medieval story because  i love everything medieval, elven and such things. But I had to give it up because my computer simply was too bad and all the downloads I needed...
But with my new computer it´s much easier. I think about to start with the story again, but of course I don´t have all the great downloads anymore. I think I will search for medieval stuff these days and maybe I am in the mood to begin soon.
And because this hair goes great with medieval sims, elfs, princesses etc. I have done the shoot in this style, or at least I hope so.
However, here are the pics I´ve done, don´t wonder - I wanted to test out many different poses. But mainly it´s all about the hair of course :)

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